Let your ranking speak for itself

When it comes to ranking your website online there are hundreds of factors to take into consideration. Nowadays, SEO has become a staple in digital marketing and without proper website optimization, your website will be lost in the mix and never been seen. We make sure to focus on the key aspects of SEO, this being technical optimization, content generation, and quality link building. By incorporating advanced SEO techniques we aim to get your brand in the top 10 so you reach the exposure that your brand deserves.

Content is king, and without it, you can be missing out on some serious traffic. Search engines like Google are powdered by complex algorithms that reward those that deliver quality content regularly, obey the rules and provide value to their readers.

At Oken Solutions, we strategically create comprehensive SEO strategies for each of our clients, not only getting them listed at the top of google page results but keeping them positioned continuously.

Our Search Engine Optimization practices include:

Step 1 -  Website Audit

We run a full technical analysis on your website and see where it needs modification so your website can get discovered by search engines and rank in Google search.


We run an analysis of your industry and niche and analyze trends of sales and marketing.

Step 3 - Analysis of the Competition

We run a detailed analysis of your competitor's websites, analyzing their backlink profiles, targeted keywords, and on-site optimization.


We do extensive keyword research for specific targeted keywords and phrases that have a high engagement and will drive traffic to your website.

STEP 5 - On-Site Optimization

We optimize your website so that it is technically optimized for the web. This includes applying the correct meta tags, website copy, internal linking and running a website speed analysis.

STEP 6 - Link Building

Using our strategic link building practices we gain quality links in your niche so that your website can gain exposure and establish its way into the top Google listings.

STEP 7 - Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor your marketing progress, track improvements and send out detailed reports of your progress each month.

PPC Marketing

Turn those clicks into leads

One of the most popular types of online marketing is PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Growing in popularity many brands are resorting to this type of marketing because it gets them the results to convert. Driving targeting traffic to your website at the price of a click is what guarantees this success. Some of the largest PPC service providers like Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising offer this service, though succeeding in these channels requires some expertise, this is where we come in.

Our specialists at Oken Solutions are dedicated to setting up the perfect PPC campaign for your needs at an affordable rate so that you get the right audience clicking on your ads.

We start the process by analyzing and researching the appropriate keywords for your brand and niche, we set up the proper campaign and diligently track the progress so you can achieve the results that your brand deserves.

Our Pay-Per-Click process consists of: 

Step 1 -  Evaluating bidding strategies for the campaign

Step 2 - Targeting the right Audience

Step 3 - Re-Strategizing and reviewing your keywords

STEP 4 - ANALYZING YOUR competition

STEP 5 - Optimizing Your Ad Copy

STEP 6 - SELECTING Your Ad Extensions

STEP 7 - OPTIMIZING Your Landing Pages

STEP 8 - Assuring The Proper Analytics Setup

STEP 9 - Reporting the Results